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What is ‘swinging’?

‘Swinging’ was the term originally used to refer to male/female couples meeting and engaging in what might be termed ‘sexual liaisons’ or ‘recreational sex’ with other couples but is now more generally used to cover a number of sexual activities that take place between three or more people. On occasion, you could hear swinging refereed to as ‘the lifestyle’ however this term is also sometimes used by BDSM and leather enthusiasts. Some people may still refer to ‘swinging’ as ‘wife swapping’ but this is certainly not in use within the swinging community itself.

Experience indicates that the majority of swingers are heterosexual couples although many swinging activities can be regarded by their nature as bisexual. However, quite a number of female swingers enjoy female sexual but would not generally consider themselves bi-sexual. Male-male sex is not as common but does happen.

Up until relatively recently swingers had, or were considered to be, from the ‘middle class’. However, the increased use of the internet has had the effect of broadening the ‘scene’ so that people from all walks of life are now enjoying this vibrant and exiting way of life.

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