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Is swinging for me?

What might I like about swinging?

Individual may join the swinging scene for a variety of reasons. Many couples find the thought of having sex with other people either individually or as a couple extremely arousing and swinging offers the opportunity to explore this and other sexual experiences further. Many couples say that swinging has improved not only their sex lives but has made their emotional relationship stronger.

Society, for all it’s perceived liberalism, still harbours fairly repressive attitudes toward ‘sexuality’ and the swinging scene provides a new social network with the opportunity for individuals and couples to forms friendships with others who have a similar outlook and view having sex with others where this a mutual attraction as natural extension to that relationship.

Although the swinging community may not always be the best place for males to explore their bi-sexuality it is certainly very excepting of women who wish to explore theirs and can sometimes be the reason couples join the swinging scene. Society still views women who have a high sex drive derisively whereas men with such ‘prowess’ are seen as ‘studs’. The swinging scene allows females especially to explore their sexual assertiveness and may provide an openness that many find both refreshing and stimulating.

What might I not like about swinging?

Clearly if you are likely to be ‘upset’ or ‘offended’ by others flirting with you or making more obvious sexual advances then the chances are that you will feel uncomfortable at a swinging event.

Jealousy can be another big issue and you must give this careful consideration before attending a part or going to a swingers club

For most couples swinging works best when it is seen as an enhancement to their existing sexual relationship rather than a replacement to one that is either non existent on shaky ground.

If either you or your partner are looking for either a temporary or permanent replacement for a current sexual or emotional relationship and are hoping that swinging will provide the answer; you will probably be disappointed. If you are unable to communicate comfortably with your partner or others about sex and relationships then it might be best that you wait a while before dipping your toes in the water, as it were.

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