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Swingers etiquette

There is no swingers rule book as such, however, the overriding rule is that ‘no means, no’, simplistically if a sexual advance is rejected then that is that.

By nature swingers are considered to be open minded but along with that friendliness and a sense of humour might be said to be essential qualities for enjoyable swinging. Allied to this is general respect for others wishes and the way you behave towards them. This respect would apply to other swingers you may meet, the hosts of any party you may attend as well as your partner. It is extremely important that your partner’s feelings and comfort are put ahead of your own even if this means missing out on some of what you might consider to be ‘fun’ – there’s always next time!!


Here are a few rules you must obey when swinging either at a sex club or some ones home:

Practice safe sex – There are many couples and singles getting on and you really dont want to catch anything do you.

No touching unless been told to do so !

Dont drink too much

Always show respect and treat others as they treat you

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