Married and need somebody to fuck me!

I’ll try not to make this a life story but here goes! Im 27 and when i was 23 i met a guy who i loved very much and we agreed to get married fast to lock the relationship! but to be honest i was young and stupid because now we hardly talk to each other when he gets back from work, its like he’s just no interested in me anymore and when it comes to having sex he is never up for it! so i am sex starved all the time, thats why i need somebody to come and fuck me during the day, because if he cant be bothered to do it then somebody else can do it for him then. sorry if i sound bitchy haha! just need cock, and fast!

Kerri is from Alloa.
Gender: Female
Username: Kerri
Age: 27
Marital Status: Married
Turn ons: , ,
Best features: Everything
Looking for: Random sex meets
Target age: Anyone over 30

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